Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missouri Agriculture Families Defending Livelihood

DNR asking circuit judge to reconsider CAFO ruling w/ motions to stay and vacate, and related court documents
September 30, 2008 08:25 pm— By Wally Kennedy

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is asking Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce to reconsider her decision to prohibit construction of concentrated animal feeding operations within 15 miles of Missouri’s state parks and historic sites.

The department, using law firms in Jefferson City and Columbia, has filed several motions in seeking relief from the court.

The department has filed a motion for a stay of the judgment. If that motion is denied, the department filed alternative motions to vacate the judgment or dismiss the case, to vacate the judgment and reopen the case, to grant a new trial, or to correct, amend or modify the judgment.

The Missouri Farm Bureau Federation has filed a motion to intervene, according to the court docket. Read More

This case could have some very significant ramifications on farming and ranching families if it is allowed to stand. There is concern that this ruling could mean that there can be no feeding operations within 15 miles of any state park or historical site in the state. The judges ruling also had other items in it that need to be addressed. Judicial activism is definitely a problem in this country and hopefully farming and ranching families will not be one of it’s latest victims.

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