Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HSUS Shipping Cash to California

Big bucks flow into Prop. 2 campaigns
Humane Society of the U.S. spends $4 million on cage-free egg initiative
Hank Shaw Capital Press

The buck-raking in the campaign over Proposition 2 has topped the $13 million mark, making it one of the most expensive animal-welfare campaigns in U.S. history.

Both the "yes" and "no" campaigns reported their finances to the state this week and a Capital Press analysis of the figures shows that both sides are nearly equally matched, money-wise. Proposition 2 would effectively ban conventional egg production in California. Proponents say cage-free operations would still be allowed, but the industry says the initiative is so vaguely written even that is in question.

The measure would not forbid importing conventionally grown eggs from other states; California already gets about one-third of its shell eggs from other states.According to records filed with the state, Californians for Humane Farms, the "yes" side, has raised - and spent - more than $6.4 million. Californians for SAFE Food, the "no" side, has raised more than $6.75 million.

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With all of the cash strapped dog and cat shelters we have in this country, the HSUS could have done a lot more to help animals than what they have done in California. But HSUS is more interested in pushing their anti-animal agriculture agenda in order to form a meat free society than they are about helping animal shelters. The only thing this group has in common with your local shelter is a similar name.

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