Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pickler Now A Vegetarian

Kellie Pickler Gets Help Eating Her Veggies from Carrie Underwood

By Eileen Finan

Originally posted Tuesday October 28, 2008

About five months ago, she joined pal Carrie Underwood, a long-time vegetarian, in giving up eating meat.

"Most country girls do like their meat!" she laughs. "I used to eat steak rare all the time. I'd just throw it on the grill for two seconds, flip it over and it was done and everyone was like, 'That's so gross – that thing is still moving!' "

So when she made her big decision, she got some moral support quickly. "I texted Carrie and was like, 'You're never going to believe this!' And she was like, 'No way! I'll give you three days!' " Read More

It’s unfortunate that Kellie Pickler has decided to throw away her country roots and go vegetarian because of Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad. She claims she won’t promote the idea, but if that was true, this article wouldn’t have been written. Another name added to my list of entertainers I won’t listen to.

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