Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ag According to Pollan


Another year, another New York Times Magazine annual food issue. The 2008 cover shows an apocalyptic ear of exploding corn, with pulp-fiction title fonts and an inside about the business and politics of local eating and how anyone who hasn’t made it their business and politics yet, should.

Michael Pollan’s fourteen-page tour de force entreating our future president-elect to make food a central part of his reform, makes a dynamic centerfold. Although food may not have been a big part of campaign conversations thus far, Pollan trumpets, “[it’s] about to demand your attention.” Read More

I know from first hand experience that Pollan likes to exaggerate the truth in order to further his cause of eliminating modern production techniques. While it may seem quite simple to him to have our entire industry switch over to his suggestions, the truth is that his model isn’t capable of producing the amount of product that is required to feed our nation and the world.

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