Monday, March 23, 2009

NYT Makes Modern Agriculture the Enemy

March 22, 2009
Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?

AS tens of thousands of people recently strolled among booths of the nation’s largest organic and natural foods show here, munching on fair-trade chocolate and sipping organic wine, a few dozen pioneers of the industry sneaked off to an out-of-the-way conference room.

Although unit sales of organic food have leveled off and even declined lately, versus a year earlier, the mood among those crowded into the conference room was upbeat as they awaited a private screening of a documentary called “Food Inc.” — a withering critique of agribusiness and industrially produced food.

They also gathered to relish their changing political fortunes, courtesy of the Obama administration.

“This has never been just about business,” said Gary Hirshberg, chief executive of Stonyfield Farm, the maker of organic yogurt. “We are here to change the world. We dreamt for decades of having this moment.”

After being largely ignored for years by Washington, advocates of organic and locally grown food have found a receptive ear in the White House, which has vowed to encourage a more nutritious and sustainable food supply. Read More

The New York Times continues their assault on food production again this week. This time they are telling their readers that any food other than organic is bad for you, anyone that raises anything other than organic is evil, and apparently “Food, Inc.” is now being considered a factual documentary. This newspaper has made it very clear they are against any type of modern food production systems. And even though the author made mention of the fact that organic can’t feed this world, he chose not to address the problem.

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