Friday, March 20, 2009

HBO Documentary Impact

Jolley: Did You Miss The HBO Special?

Not that it was an unbiased look at “Factory Farming” practices, “Death on a Factory Farm” was really just the same old, same old sensationalism. If you thought you might have seen or heard something new, here’s a list of the absolutely unbiased resources the producers used:

-The Humane Farming Association
-Mercy For Animals
-Animal Welfare Institute
-The Humane Society of the United States
-Compassion Over Killing
-Vegan Outreach (Are you kidding me?)
-The Sustainable Table
-Animal Law Coalition

Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, haven’t you?

In a statement that would make Martin Luther King blanche, Sarah Teale, one of the two producers of the propaganda film, said, “In a way, this is the civil rights movement of our time.”

Tom Simon, her partner in crime, fired this warning shot: “But I do think the more enlightened people in the industry are realizing that if the industry doesn't police itself, if it doesn't clean up its act, somebody's going to do it for them.” Read More

Everyone involved in animal agriculture was waiting to see the fallout from the HBO documentary this week. Oddly enough, even with all they hype surrounding it, apparently it didn’t play all that well. Not if you compare it to Oprah’s show last fall that talked about animal agriculture. I think it goes to show that these shadowy animal rights groups aren’t considered mainstream nor have they earned much trust from the public. That’s the thing that Oprah has that makes her so dangerous. When we present to agriculture groups, we make a point to tell them how important it is to check where information is coming from. This article has a great list of the sources used to make the documentary.

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