Friday, March 13, 2009

New Animal Cruelty Laws

Breeders skeptical of animal cruelty law
By Jake Wright IDS
POSTED AT 12:38 AM ON Mar. 12, 2009

INDIANA - Area dog breeders and pet owners alike are concerned about the proposition of a new bill aimed at reducing animal cruelty.

The bill is intended to strengthen anti-animal cruelty laws and crack down on puppy mills, which are mass breeding facilities that produce puppies for sale in pet stores, over the Internet and directly to customers. But some breeders said they are worried the laws put in place to help are going to do more damage than good.

The bill, H.B. 1468, passed the Indiana House of Representatives last month with a landslide 81-14 vote and will now go before the Senate. If the Senate passes the bill, it will then be put before the governor, who will either sign the bill or veto it.

If passed, the bill would expand Indiana’s animal cruelty statute from just neglecting food and water to neglecting shelter and medical care. Also, anyone convicted of animal cruelty would no longer be allowed to own a pet.

The bill also cracks down on puppy mills by requiring them to give dogs ample exercise outside their cages and facilities, consistently clean the cages, and construct the cages to protect dogs from disease and injury and have sufficient heating, cooling and ventilation. Read More

Just think about this for a minute. HSUS is backing legislation like this all over the country that will require dog breeders to protect dogs from disease and injury and have sufficient heating, cooling and ventilation. This is exactly what hog farmers ar already doing and have been doing for quite some time now. Yet HSUS is also demanding that hog farmers take their hogs out of this type of environment and put them outside. It just goes to show that their main concern is promoting a vegan society, not the proper care of animals.


Anonymous said...

The animal rights movement is not what they seem. I think it has something to do with animals getting revenge on humans for eating them. At least in the ar movements eyes this is whats going on. This is a very dangerous group. On one hand they are removing dogs from breeders for so called cruelity they then kill the dogs with poison. The Humane groups dump the animals in landfills. The Humane groups claim they have dumped millions and millions of poisoned animals in landfills. When the poison hits the water it's going to be hell. But thats not all, the animal rights groups are a genocide group. That is genocide on humans. The HSUS thinks that by turning everyone into vegans then there will can be done. The vegans claim they will eat the grain the animals eat. Most of the animal feed is Monsanto. The grain is genetically altered, if humans eat the animal grain it will kill them. Don't tell me this isn't genocide.

Bea Elliott said...

The proper care of animals is to allow them to live. I think a vegan agenda does that nicely.

And are you really saying (honestly) that you have no objections to keeping an animal in a cage (so small he can't turn around in) - for all his life? Really? that doesn't bother you? I have found the most hardened and staunch advocates of animal agriculture (and consumers of it's products) to be against this "farming" environoment. A vast majority of people are not in agreement with these practice for a dog or a pig.

I understand that this is something the voice of ag will attempt to change. But deep down inside - most people will (wisely) go with their gut reaction: it's cruel.