Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Blame the Chickens

Poultry Council Pleased After E. Coli Results Released
posted 4:28 pm Thu March 12, 2009 - Tulsa

A spokesperson for the Poultry Community Council says she is pleased but not surprised tests show the E. coli found in Locust Grove well water was not the same strain linked to one man's death.

Jackie Cunningham responded Thursday, a day after the Centers For Disease Control released its findings, saying that the E. coli found in well water tests last month showed three different types of E. coli in the water, but not the E. coli 0111 strain that led to three hundred people becoming sick, including one man who died.

"Their science-based research validates what we have contended all the time -- that there is no connection between poultry litter and the unfortunate E. Coli outbreak in Locust Grove last year," Cunningham said. Read More

After the OK Attorney General insisted that agriculture, and specifically poultry farmers, was responsible for an E. coli outbreak, the science has failed to agree with him. Edmondson has been going after poultry producers for a years now and has yet to win in a courtroom or a science lab. Manure must be handled correctly, but it is not toxic waste like he would like people to believe. It is a valuable resource for the nutrients required to grow food.

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