Friday, March 20, 2009

College Students Promote Benefits of Meat

Students counter anti-meat rally
By Laura Nichols
For the Collegian, Penn State University

Standing outside the HUB-Robeson Center Wednesday, clad in red shirts with the word BEEF emblazoned across the front, students held a Meat-In in response to Monday's Meatout.

With the help of their mascot, Patty Melt -- a person dressed in a giant hamburger costume -- volunteers handed out pork sticks, beef jerky and cheese sticks.

The Collegiate Cattlewomen's Society held the third annual Meat-In as an effort to educate students about the benefits of having a diet rich in meats, milk and eggs, said Christi Graver, co-chairwoman of the day's event.

"We're the kids that grew up on farms. We know the production story of beef, pork, poultry and dairy," said Chris Molinaro, co-chairwoman of the Meat-In.

Molinaro (senior-animal science) said students were receptive throughout the event. More than a dozen volunteers handed out meat and dairy products during the lunch hours at the HUB. Volunteers also handed out food and information at Findlay Dining Commons from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

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The one thing the meatout can do is provide the motivation and opportunity for us to educate consumers on the benefits of including meat in our diets. Congratulations to these young agriculturalists for promoting their industry in a positive and productive way. This is a great example of the simple things we can all do to better our industry.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to the young people involved in ag at Penn State for another successful Meat-In!

Especially because there are so few of us in production ag, I think all of us need to be active leaders in our own way and set the example by educating the public in our particular area of expertise whereever and whenever we can.

Troy and Stacy, thanks again for providing this site and message board. We all need to be "Advocates for Agriculture" in our own way.