Monday, March 16, 2009

Baxter Black's Visit With HSUS

On the edge of common sense: Wild horse issue needs answer
By Baxter Black

I had a visit with the president of the Humane Society of the United States recently about the abandoned horse issue. My question to him was: Since the problem is a direct result of the banning of equine slaughter plants, for which his group led the charge, what is it willing to do to help those of us who have inherited the responsibility for the mess they have made?

We discussed the woefully inadequate plan to put them in "refuges." We agreed that euthanasia is not a bad thing, but dumping your unwanted horse along the roadside, in private pastures or on park land to die of starvation is not humane.

We considered having equine animal shelters, like dog pounds. Maybe one in every state that would accept horses at no charge, hold them for 30 days in hopes they could be adopted, then euthanasia. The facility should include a free pickup service, a large feedlot to hold them and a rendering plant. He did not readily agree that his group would finance this national program. But it is the richest animal rights group in the world, and what better way, I thought, to put its money where its convictions are. Read More

It would have been fun to sit in on the conversation between Baxter Black and Wayne Pacelle. As only Baxter can, he talks of his visit here and shows the unwillingness of HSUS spend their money actually helping animals and building shelters for them. However, they are more than willing to spend the money causing the problems.

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