Friday, March 27, 2009

Horse Transportation Bill Into'd in Senate

Senate Bill Tackles Horse Slaughter Issue
by: Pat Raia March 27 2009, Article # 13849

Two U.S. Senators have introduced legislation to prohibit the transport of horses for slaughter in Mexico and Canada. Senators Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and John Ensign (R-Nev.) introduced S 727, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act into the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 26.

S 727 would prohibit the transport, sale, delivery, or export of horses for slaughter for human consumption. It also criminalizes the purchase, sale, delivery, or export of horsemeat intended for human consumption.

Violators would face criminal and civil penalties, including being fined or imprisoned.

The bill is the senate's version of HR 503, the Conyers-Burton Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, introduced into the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in January. Since then, HR 503 has gathered 112 co-sponsors. It was referred to the Judiciary's Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on March 16. Link

Here is the companion bill to HR 503 that was introduced in the House of Representatives. It was introduced yesterday. As is the case in the House, this is going to the Senate Judiciary committee. The supporters of the bill know they can’t get it through the Agriculture committees so they are avoiding them. It’s ridiculous that these committees that are responsible for terrorism and homeland security have to waste their time on this horse issue.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully Troy, you aren't making decisions for the American people. If you were we would all be wearing tight jeans and abusing animals. The sponsors of the bills are the chairmen of the Judiciary Committee so I think they know their committee time/priority better than you do. They want to end animal abuse which is an important issue to the majority of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Horse Farmer,
I am so glad to see your opinion. I hope our government sends you and your family to Mexico to be tortured and slaughtered for the French to eat. There is a special place in Hell for you. Someone as sadistic as yourself should not be allowed an opinion, you are no better than Michael Vick or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Anonymous said...

Its too bad he isnt making more decisions. If the horse slaughter had stayed we would not have the problems we currently do. Horses are being turned out all across this country because there are getting to be to many and people can not support them. It is because of the animal rights extremeist that we are facing more issues of animal neglect and abuse. They are also being shipped to countries like Mexico and Canada for processing. So that is many hours on a crampt trailer when they could be going shorter distances here and being put down in a better way. It is Animal rights groups like PETA and HSUS who do not understand that they are actually causing more harm then good. It should be the farmer and rancher to make those decisions not these special rights groups or people like the above who do not understand how to many horses is doing more harm then good.
Thanks for the info Troy and keep up the good work. Advocates for Ag rocks!

the_Yak_Ranch said...


Anonymous and Anonymous certainly should be allowed their opinion as the fantasy world they have created is perfect and must to be the model for our world. It also gives them them the position of divine judgment for your cruelty.

Keep up the good work.