Friday, March 20, 2009

MM MM Meat

Meatout makes all sorts of sense

How can you stretch your dollars and prop up your spirits? The folks at FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) have the answer: ``Change Your Diet, Change the World.''

Get ready to celebrate, save money, show compassion and affect global change all in one go -- Friday marks the 25th annual Great American Meatout.

In 1985, the national nonprofit FARM set aside March 20 to promote animal compassion and veggie ways. Since then, countless Americans have celebrated spring by going meatless.

The Meatout is now an annual event in 20 nations including France, where it's La Journée Sans Viande (The Day Without Meat -- everything sounds better in French). Read More

One of the groups that is now trying to promote veganism in California following the passage of Prop 2 is FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement). This is the same group that started the Great American Meat-Out 25 years ago. They will use the same tired arguments against eating meat that use information from debunked sources, like the UN report on livestock emissions. Eating a balanced diet that includes meat and dairy products will always be the healthiest diet.

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