Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CA's Animal Rights Push

California bill could test boundaries of animal rights
March 9, 2009, 7:53AM

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Errant motorists beware: Puppy hit-and-run could soon be a crime.
Pushing animal rights in a whole new direction, a state lawmaker has proposed slapping California motorists with a fine and possible jail time if they flee the scene after hitting a jaywalking dog, cat or any other pet or farm animal.

The measure by Democrat Mike Eng would require that drivers attempt to provide medical aid to an injured animal and notify the owner or animal-control authorities.

It’s one of a herd of bills introduced in the Legislature this year that could test the boundaries of what constitutes humane treatment of animals in California.

In the aftermath of a big victory for Proposition 2, the November ballot measure that made groundbreaking changes in the confinement of farm animals, state lawmakers from both parties are pushing changes affecting Fido, felines and even flocks of geese. Read More

California animal rights activists, feeling very proud of their passage of Prop 2, are pushing for new and stricter animal rights legislation. It’s interesting that they want to put the responsibility on the driver, if they hit an animal, rather than the owner of the animal that allowed them to be in that situation. And are they going to specify what animals you have to stop for? What happens if you hit a mouse or a frog, maybe a bird? No one wants to see an animal hit by a vehicle, but common sense needs to be involved in writing some of these laws.

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