Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vegan Terrorist on FBI List

Animal rights activist on FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' list
By Terry Frieden
CNN Justice Department Producer

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI for the first time has placed an animal rights activist on the bureau's "Most Wanted Terrorists" list.

The FBI announced Tuesday the addition of Daniel Andreas San Diego to the list, hoping a burst of international publicity associated with the move will help investigators find him after six years on the run.

San Diego, 31, may appear to be out of place on a terrorist list with familiar names like al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Adam Yahiye Gadahn. The "strict vegan," according to the FBI, is charged with bombing two corporate offices in California in 2003. The blasts caused extensive property damage but no deaths.

Vegans eat no meat or any other food containing animal products. Read More

For as much as animal rights activists would like you to think they are all peace loving people, their image will always be tainted by people like San Diego. His goal is to blow up buildings and kill people if necessary, in the name of saving animals. This mind set has led to him being placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. I will never be able to comprehend those who place the life of an animal above a human.


Anonymous said...

if he's killing people, he's not a vegan -- vegans value human life as well as that of other animals.

Troy Hadrick said...

I guess he forgot to read the vegan manual.

Bea Elliott said...

I agree with Anonymous - veganism is against harming others... all others.

But Troy - this is interesting. On many occasions you want people to realize that certain bad acts are not the "norm" in animal ag. You wish to disassociate from those "bad apples". And you communicate to the public that whatever violation was an exception in your industry. exceptions.

But in the rehlm of Animal Rights -you don't allow this same liberty?
Why is that?

Troy Hadrick said...

Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. I can't believe you have the nerve to even write that.

I'm just using your logic Bea, so you should understand. People like you are lumping everyone involved in animal husbandry into one category, the category of animal abusers, it would seem logical that we could do the same with vegans.

And I really disagree that all vegan are against harming others. The things vegan activists are doing are constantly harming someone. Like families when their houses get firebombed, or when they release domestic animals in the wild to die.

So you are trying to tell me that there are some bad actors in the ve

Bea Elliott said...

Hello... really though - firebombing homes? Why is this not reported in the news? I would think it would be all over the web if/when something like that happens. Where are the reports of vegans doing this? I would really love to see it as it would greatly affect my association with the cause. And as far as releasing "domestic" animals into the wild? Are you referring to those mink a few years ago? Do you have any more recent examples of what you mean?

Yes, of course there is a mix of good/bad in every group. But as a goal and philosophy vegans do not wish to harm any being needlessly... Unfortunately, people in animal agriculture cannot vouch the same.

Surely you must see that there is a critical difference in prime directives between the two? Yes?

Troy Hadrick said...

Bea, why do you lie to everyone. You get on my blog very frequently and then claim you have not heard about these firebombings. These were done by vegan/vegetarian animal rights activists.

Here is a link to USAToday talking about them. Have you heard of this publication?

And there were thousands of mink let loose just last fall in Utah. Here is one example.

The sad part about things is that you can't even be intellectually honest with yourself.

I enjoy debating with you, but if you are going to claim you never heard of any firebombings and it's never been in the news then I need to find a more worthy debating partner.

The critical difference here is that we have a vegan on the most wanted list for trying to blow up bldgs along with whatever or whoever is in them versus American farmers and ranchers who raise livestock and feed the world. Farmers care about livestock and people.