Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Criminal Activist Speaks at UC Berkeley

Animal Rights Activist Speaks To UC Berkeley Advocacy Group
By Mihir Zeveri Contributing Writer
Monday, April 13, 2009

In a visit to UC Berkeley Wednesday, an animal rights activist spoke to a student organization about continuing to protest inhumane animal treatment at the campus, which regularly performs research on animals.

Peter Young, who set at least eight thousand minks free from fur farms in October 1997, talked about his past experiences and encouraged members of the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy to reevaluate their activist strategies, said Katie Cantrell, the organization's president.

"He was a fantastic speaker, a lot of people there talked about how they were moved by him," Cantrell said. "He talked about how important it is to assess how effective your methods are. A lot of people wave a sign around and think that they do something, but it's not effective."

Although most animal rights supporters have employed peaceful methods of protest, Cantrell said a small minority of activists still resort to illegal and violent methods. Read More

When I read this article, the message I got was if your legal protests aren’t working then you will need to resort to illegal activities in order to get what you want. For these radical animal rights activists, the end justifies the means; human life lost will be worth it if you free some lab rats. If this wasn’t the message being sent, then I would have thought the speaker would have denounced the recent attacks on researchers.

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