Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ALF Members Indicted

2 indicted in UCLA animal liberation case
1:32 PM April 20, 2009

A grand jury has indicted two associates of an animal rights group, charging them with conspiracy, stalking and other felonies for targeting UCLA researchers who do animal research and a local juice company, prosecutors said Monday.

Linda Faith Greene, 61, and Kevin Richard Olliff, 22, who prosecutors say are part of the radical Animal Liberation Front,pleaded not guilty to the charges after their arrest Thursday. Greene was held on $450,000 bail and Olliff on $460,000 bail.

The Los Angeles County grand jury indicted each defendant on three counts of conspiracy to commit stalking, three counts of stalking and two counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of threatening a public officer or school employee.

The alleged victims included UCLA researchers and POM Wonderful Juice Co. Link

Animal rights activists continue to be taken into custody for their violent crimes. Law enforcement has done an excellent job of identifying these criminals even though they are involved with the shadow group Animal Liberation Front. And here is the question of the day: Since many of these animal rights activists believe that animals have the same emotional depth as humans, do you think the animal kingdom is grieving, sad, angry or experiencing some other emotional feeling today since they got caught?

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