Monday, April 6, 2009

Video From Egg Farm

Grocers urged to stop buying eggs from Maine farm
By CLARKE CANFIELD, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, April 2, 2009
(04-02) 14:11 PDT Portland, Maine (AP) --

An animal welfare organization is urging distributors and supermarket chains to stop selling eggs that come from a Maine farm that's under state investigation following allegations of animal cruelty.

Mercy For Animals sent an investigator to work undercover at the Quality Egg of New England farm in Turner, said Nathan Runkle, the group's executive director. The investigator, equipped with a video camera, captured footage of hens forced to live in cages so small they couldn't walk or spread their wings, Runkle said Thursday.

He called on supermarket chains and a national egg distributors to sever ties with Quality Egg and other farms that keep hens in tiny cages.

Bob Leclerc, Quality Egg's safety and compliance manager, said he found the Mercy For Animals' video "personally abhorrent." Some employees shown in the video could face disciplinary action, he said. Read More

Everything we do on our farms and ranches should be done as if we were being videotaped. When proper techniques are used when handling livestock, there is nothing to hide. When consumers think about farmers and ranchers, they should think of the the great job we do supplying protein to the world, not some images from an undercover video. Do the work necessary to provide that good image.

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