Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Egg News From Maine

Radlo Foods Pledges To Phase Out Battery Cage Eggs

April 6, 2009 Reported By: Susan Sharon

Less than a week after an animal rights organization made public allegations of animal cruelty at the former DeCoster Egg Farm in Turner, a major egg producer has severed ties with the operation. In addition, David Radlo of Radlo Foods is making a pledge to phase out so-called battery cages and to go exclusively to "cage free" eggs in the next ten years.

Sometime soon, David Radlo of Radlo Foods says his sign in front of the former DeCoster Egg Farm will be coming down and all his business at the massive egg operation in Turner will come to an end. Radlo says he will no longer rely on hens or eggs that come from Maine Contract Farming, the company owned by egg farm magnate Jack DeCoster, one of the nation's biggest producers of brown eggs.

Says Radlo, "We've given up that facility and we're moving on down the road and we're sourcing from other states right now but there's an important thing that people need to know: we hear you loud and clear." Read More

With only the allegations of wrong-doing, these animal rights groups were able to get a and large company to switch their policies and start moving towards cage free production. It’s a great example of how perception IS reality. You are guilty until proven innocent. The problem is that fact that these groups aren’t going to quit once they get everyone to go cage free. Then they will go for their ultimate goal of eliminating the industry completely and take the choice away from consumers. They know consumers can’t be trusted to help with their goals, so the have to use force instead.

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