Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nat'l Animal Interest Alliance

Leader-author calls for 'major' animal rights counter-movement
Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 8:40 AM
by Ken Anderson

You could say Patti Strand of Portland, Oregon wrote the book on the animal rights movement.

Strand, who is the founder and chairperson of the National Animal Interest Alliance, authored a book 17 years ago entitled “The Hijacking of the Humane Movement: Animal Extremism”. Strand has been battling the animal rights movement ever since and she says it’s not going away.

“So I would say that the people who imagine that they can just keep doing their own thing and the bad guys will disappear are living in a bit of a fantasy land at this point,” says Strand. “They’re not going to go away. This is how these groups earn their living. They’re conflict fund-raising groups. They need conflict in order to make money.” Read More

We had the privilege of serving on a panel with Patti Strand this winter. Her organization has done a fantastic job of tracking the animal rights movement and working to get livestock producers, dog owners, hunters and many other groups of people to work together against the likes of HSUS and PETA. There are many groups of people besides agriculture that are being affected by the animal rights movement. A coordinated effort by all of them will be the key to getting out our message.

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