Friday, April 24, 2009

Attacks by Vegan Animal Rights Activists

As We See It: Human rights vs. animal rights
Silicon Valley Mercury News
Posted: 04/23/2009 01:30:12 AM PDT

Animal rights fanatics are obscuring legitimate cases of abuse against animals.

Earlier this week, the FBI put animal rights activist Daniel San Diego on its Most Wanted Terrorists list -- the first time someone suspected of domestic terrorism has been listed. San Diego is wanted in connection with the bombings of two Bay Area businesses. He's also thought to be a leader, if only by example, of a movement that has grown increasingly violent and unhinged in attacks on humans.

The same day San Diego made the terrorist list, two animal rights protesters were indicted in Los Angeles in connection with their harassment and threats against UCLA researchers who use animals in their labs. The two also allegedly threatened a company that makes pomegranate juice and uses animals in experiments to see if the juice helps men with impotence problems.

Last year, our community was stunned when animal rights protesters attacked a UC Santa Cruz professor and her family at home. Four people, including two former UCSC students, have been indicted in connection with the attack. Lawyers for the suspects say they were just exercising their free-speech rights in an attempt to let the public know about the use of animals in lab experiments.

That attack was followed by two fire bombings, also aimed at researchers. No suspects have been charged in that case. Read More

California has had several dealing with these criminal animal rights activists who are trying to force their vegan ideals on our society. What can never be explained is how these people can justify blowing up buildings, houses and cars, sometimes with the occupants still in them, all in the name of giving rights to animals. Even though these people claim to be against violence towards any living creatures, their actions continue to speak louder than their words.

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Usually I follow the link to the parent newsoutlet, make a comment, but this time my computer security said the link on this piece was not safe, anyway, its been a good time ago, but I remember hearing on NPR that a very high percentage of really fervent animal lovers have a history of severe abuse as a child. Might explain why they might be callous and sociopathic toward humans,