Monday, April 6, 2009

Bad Info for Diet Choices

A meat-free diet can help economy
Cutting back on animal products could save lives

Gillian Ekern Issue date: 4/2/09 Section: Editorial/Opinion

I have been hearing a lot about how this environmental stuff just is not worth it anymore: recycling programs waste community money, alternative energy is a waste of time, campus' efforts are too expensive.

Most of the news I've heard has been pretty disheartening, so I've been trying something that I believe is pretty sound. It's been around for a very long time, and it doesn't involve doing much. In fact, it's about what you're not doing: eating meat.

Many different people have different reasons to take the semi-veg/vegetarian/vegan route. Issues of health, ecology, economy and animal-rights all have some role in my decision. My aim has never been to convert anyone, but I can erase a little of my own footprint on this world and educate a few people while I'm at it. Read More

It’s interesting to me that this reporter, who admittedly was raised on McDonalds and Mountain Dew, is now giving us diet advice. Citing her resources as Michael Pollan and Dr. Barnard from PCRM, it’s apparent that her research ability is directly tied to her politics. With no knowledge of livestock or apparently nutrition, it’s scary to think that some people could be influenced by her agenda.

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Anonymous said...

It's Gillian here. Please, please, please look up the definition of "editorial" because that is what this is. These are my ideas, my OPINIONS, and that's what they are meant to be read as. I write plenty of editorials for this same publication and it seems that for some reason everyone decided they were going to pick on this one to decide they have no idea what an editorial piece is. Tell your friends. This is an annoying problem.