Friday, April 17, 2009

MD & MT Move Closer to Building Horse Facilities

Schweitzer's horse slaughter changes rejected by MT Senate
Posted: April 16, 2009 05:17 PM MDT

The bill to authorize investor owned livestock slaughter and processing plants in the state made its way back to the Montana Legislature on Thursday.

Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer sent the bill back to lawmakers earlier this month after striking the legal protections it would have offered to slaughterhouses.

The House has already rejected the changes the Governor made to House Bill 418, and today the Senate did the same by a vote of 44 to 5.

The bill will now go back to Governor Schweitzer in its original form. Read More

Study of ND horse slaughterhouse approved
Apr 16 2009 10:02AM
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Bismarck, N.D. (AP) North Dakota lawmakers have agreed to spend $50,000 on a study of whether a horse slaughterhouse can be built in the state.

The bill says North Dakota's Commerce Department should study whether legal and regulatory barriers now prevent construction of a horse slaughter plant.

If the project can be done, the study would look into how much a plant would cost and potential markets for its meat.North Dakota's House voted 86-5 on Thursday to approve the study. The bill now goes to Gov. John Hoeven. Link

Both Montana and North Dakota keep moving closer to the possibility of having a horse processing facility in their state. Many states have been trying to deal with this issue since the beginning of the year. Unwanted horses continue to be a problem for communities and states that don’t have the resources to handle them. Hopefully, instead of wasting this natural resource we can once again begin to use it.


Alisha said...

This is wonderful...I'm 100% for it! If there is anything we can do in the future to show our support keep us posted. You are doing a wonderful job at supporting our lifestyle and keeping us informed. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

And what lifestyle is that???

Nona VanDamme said...

What does that mean?
Doing a good job of supporting
your lifestyle?

You want to be horse killers and

make the foreigner owned plants

Anonymous said...

How are horses a natural resource? I thought a natural resource was just that - natural - not created by those who overbreed in the hopes of getting wealthy off one or two prize animals. Lifestyle...nice...follow the money...guess your "lifestyle" is provided by these animals you claim to love, but use up and throw away when they aren't perfect for YOU. Thanks, but that's not the lifestyle I'd be proud to have or the natural resource I'd care to exploit.