Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rush Supports HSUS

Rush Limbaugh Deceived by Humane Society in New Ad
By Wesley J. Smith , Senior Fellow in Bioethics - 16 Hours Ago

HSUS is masterful in masking its true animal rights ideological agenda. Now, it has scored a real coup: Rush Limbaugh has tooted his considerable horn in praise of HSUS.

Rush is right that dog fighting is wrong and shelter dogs need to be adopted. But HSUS runs no shelters. It pushes the animal rights agenda by bringing lawsuits against animal industries and seeks to bring an end to activities such as hunting, meat, and research via the death of a thousand cuts.

Limbaugh makes a point of stating that "on this issue" he is with HSUS. But he also says he is "impressed" with HSUS. He has fallen for the deception and has boosed this group in a way that is unprecedented.

Decrying abuse is right and proper. Doing a PSA against dog fighting is spot on. But Limbaugh shouldn't have boosted the group. It is really against everything for which he stands.

Postscript: Limbaugh lauds HSUS for paying $5000 for information used to stop dog fighting . That's fine. But it only offered $2500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Santa Cruz anti animal researcher bombers. To me, that is telling. Link

Yesterday we learned that Rush Limbaugh has recorded some public service announcements for the Humane Society of the United States. Considering where he normally stands on political issues, this has been quite a shock for people. With his considerable influence in mind, an effort has been made by many people in agriculture to let Rush know what the true goals of HSUS really are. You can contact Rush at


Jennifer Lewis said...

Thank you for pointing this out. Every American Farmer and Rancher should email him and let him know what a fool he is. He does have quite a following because he speaks out, good or bad. Let him know that taking away the choices that this nation was founded on by pushing a Vegan Diet, will not be taken lightly. If we don't tell our story, someone else will!!
Again, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is what I sent rush i urge all of animal Ag to do the same!!!
Dear Rush,
I have been a listener for years and was shocked today to learn you are supporting the HSUS. I thought you would have vetted a radical, left wing group like HSUS before you publicly came out in support of them and then you would have really saw them for who they really are. My brother and I are livestock farmers from Ohio, we have 1800 sows in a farrow-to-wean family farm operation. Meaning we produce over 40,000 baby pigs a year that are then transported to finishing barns where they are housed for approximately 6 months in climate controlled barns until harvest. Our animals are kept in climate-controlled barns that keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I often tell people it is sunny and 70 year around in our barns. We have backup generators that start within 3 seconds if the electric goes off. Our operation is Transport and Pork Quality Assured through the National Pork Board ( and a third party audits our operation for how we treat our animals. Our animals honestly live better than many Americans do, not to mention most of the Third World. Our little operation is the start of over 1,000,000 pork chops, not to mention all the ham, bacon and sausage that would also come from these animals. However, HSUS wants to shut operations like ours and many others in Ohio down with their left winged thinking like they did with passage of Proposition 2 in California last November. I urge you to revisit the HSUS website, click on the “Farm Animals” tab (right above the Press release from them about how you are supporting their cause) go to “Campaigns and Program” on the left side of the page and then click on “About Farm Animals.” You will soon see how HSUS is against anything that has to do with consuming high quality meat, milk or eggs, not to mention the wool to keep us warm. The HSUS has what they call is the “Campaign against the Crate” which would eliminate the individual pregnant sow housing that we use on our farm and what the pork industry moved to twenty five years ago to protect the animals. You see Rush, pigs, especially large females like we have on our farm, have the natural tendency to fight and when put in pens with other pigs (like HSUS wants) will sometimes fight until death to establish a pecking order. To our industry, and many livestock farmers like us, moving to what HSUS wants is cruelty to animals. HSUS is not your local animal shelter as you mention in your PSA. You mention the police and their well trained dogs, I can put you in contact with a group of police dog breeders who are animatedly against HSUS because they want to eventually end all dog/cat/pet breeding through their mandatory spay and neuter legislation they are trying to get passed in many states. You also mention Michael Vic and animal fighting, the next time you meet with Wayne Pacelle, ask him how much money HSUS raised shortly after the Michael Vic story broke, it was millions, then ask Mr. Pacelle why they recommended the animals be “put down” after they had raised their millions. Now you know who really exploited Michael Vic’s dogs. I urge you to visit, and to learn why the Rush Limbaugh name will be tarnished forever if you continue to support this radical, left winged terrorist group. I strongly urge you to pull your support of this group and support the hard working American Farmer who feeds this country with the cheapest, safest, most reliable food supply in the world. If we don’t act now, the American Livestock Industry will be forced out of this country and we may be faced with imports, which we have little control over. Let me remind you how the Chinese could not even keep our dog food from being contaminated. You will not be able to get your Allen Brothers Steaks if HSUS gets its way. Thank you for your time, JW feel free to contact me with any questions.

Anonymous said...

Rush is an idiot. Of course he would do something like this.

Anonymous said...

HSUS (The Humane Society of the United States) is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group extorting money out of people thinking donations are going to the cute dogs and cats they plaster all over their fund raising mailers. HSUS and Wayne Pacelle only want a vegan America with no pets, period. Look at their 2007 IRS tax returns posted on their site. They spent more on staff travel expenses than local humane societies, shelters, animal rescues, etc. Less than 4 cents of every donation dollar goes to hands-on animal care. Get the facts, look at their tax return (posted on their web site), and then decide where your money should be donated if you want to help animals. Rush made a deal with the devil! Thank you.