Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Veggie Pride Parade

Vegetables on march against meat biz
By Erin Einhorn

Vegetables walked in the first-ever Veggie Pride Parade.

It was New York's first-ever Veggie Pride Parade - and people in giant carrot costumes sprouted across the Meatpacking District.

"We're putting the meat business on notice," said parade organizer Pamela Rice. "We're watching them now."

She was one of several hundred vegetarian and vegan activists who assembled on a plaza down the street from the Hog Pit BBQ restaurant for a march to Washington Square Park to promote the environmental, ethical and health advantages of a meat-free diet.

After the walking carrot and pea pod at the front of the procession came a couple in banana costumes, holding hands as they marched, and then a man in a "Super Vegan" costume with a blazing "V" on his chest and a woman waving a hot pink tinfoil pig with a plaintive sign reading, "Save me." Read More

While this article doesn’t tell exactly what the environmental, ethical or health advantages of a meat free diet are, I can only imagine what types of things they told consumers during this parade. Unless we are willing to tell the consumers the true story of animal agriculture and the health benefits of a balanced diet, this is the information that many will base their eating decisions on.

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