Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teaching Kids about Ag

'Chef Parmesan' teaches students about farming

Soil. It's what's for supper. At least it's where supper gets it start, Breanne Heitkamp explained to Caneyville Elementary School students.

Heitkamp described soil as the most important ingredient for any pizza, starting with the dough. Dough is made from flour, which comes from wheat, which is grown in the soil. Tomatoes for the pizza sauce are grown in the soil. Even the cheese made from milk is originally from the soil through the grass eaten by the cows to produce milk.

In a day where most children believe food is produced by grocery stores, Agriculture Adventures reveals the real origin of food and importance of the keepers of the soil-farmers. The program is based in science and technology and corresponds to the core content subjects taught in classrooms across the state. Read More

As Trent continues to mention to us, we need to focus on solutions in agriculture. Programs like these are doing just that. If you have a program similar to this in your area, volunteer your expertise to educate those that aren’t involved in agriculture.

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