Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Edcuating our Youth

All about agriculture

EAGLE GROVE — Youth Environmental Agriculture Days brought more than 985 fifth-graders in eight days to the Wright County Fairgrounds in Eagle Grove to help them learn how agriculture and the environment impact their lives.

‘‘They’ve learned about water conservation, how to conserve and the fact that Iowa uses 90 percent of its land for agriculture,’’ said Lori Thomas, a fifth-grade teacher at Manson Northwest Webster. ‘‘It’s a good day for them to be exposed to agriculture concerns. Many kids don’t live on farms anymore, so it’s good exposure.’’ Read More

Having events like this are incredibly important for telling the story of agriculture. If kids are never exposed to life on the farm, they will never have the background knowledge to understand where there food comes from and how important agriculture is to the security of our country.

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