Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hog Expansion Ban

Hog ban draws fire from pork producers

Manitoba hog producers are finding Manitoba a less-than-friendly place to be these days, and they're spending close to $200,000 to tell you why.

The Manitoba Pork Council is mounting an advertising campaign to blast the Doer government's decision to ban hog expansion permanently in much of the rural heartland.

"We have a very short period here... to get the message out," said Karl Kynoch, a Baldur hog farmer and the pork council's chairman. Read More

The movement to eliminate animal agriculture is not just occurring in the United States. This bill would ban the expansion of the hog industry in Manitoba. The consequences of this bill are vast and varied. Not only will this hurt the rural economies, but it will also force food production out of Canada.

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