Friday, May 9, 2008

Investigation Continues

Report sparks change in livestock regulations

Reports of inhumane treatment of a cow too injured to move at the Westminster Livestock Auction Market have spurred the Maryland Department of Agriculture to tighten regulations.

The U.S. Humane Society videotaped the cow April 22 and notified the MDA. The cow dropped off by its owner, was not recovering well from surgery and the auction’s owner allegedly failed to follow state regulations and take care of the animal, according to MDA.

“A downed animal would either need to be humanely euthanized or under the care of a veterinarian,” said Julie Oberg, an MDA spokeswoman. “He has to take appropriate care for a downed animal, and he allegedly did not do those things. There’s also allegations that he did not provide food and water.” Read More

The investigation as to what exactly happened at this auction continues. HSUS claims that they found abuse at all four sale barns that they randomly selected. The truth of the matter is they will search to no end to find something they can use in their quest to eliminate animal agriculture in this country. The solution to stopping their crusade is for all of us in animal agriculture to make a stand. They have a $130 million budget, but your story and passion for agriculture is more powerful. Use that to your advantage.

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