Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Labeling

AVMA Board takes on food labeling, other concerns of animal agriculture

Labeling of meat and other animal products was the subject of several actions of the Executive
Board in April. The board also approved policies relevant to production animals ranging from cattle to catfish.

On the recommendation of the Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee, the board approved a policy on "Truthful and non-misleading human food labeling." The policy supports labels on animal products that provide clear, unambiguous, scientifically valid, and verifiable claims regarding production practices. These production practices should not diminish the health and welfare of animals or increase risks to food safety. Read More

Labeling issues have become a very heated topic as of late due to exaggerated claims on some foods. When it comes to food production, it doesn’t do anyone any good to run down one sector of agriculture to promote another. Doing so only plays into the agenda of the anti-animal agriculture crowd.

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