Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bad Beef Rumors

Who Spreads These Malicious Beef Rumors?

Groundless rumors involving the dangers of U.S. beef are reportedly being transmitted to junior and senior high school students throughout the country through mobile phone text messages. One of them is the rumor that schools throughout the country will be closed on Saturday, May 17 or urging students to skip school that day, and a rally involving junior and senior high school students on May 17 is said to be in the works.

During anti-U.S. beef protests in Seoul last Friday and Saturday, junior and senior high school students received mobile text messages urging them to participate. Groundless rumors that have been spread include: “First human death from mad cow disease reported on May 2,” “Consuming just 0.01 g of U.S. beef will kill you” and “President who allowed U.S. beef imports is getting ready to relinquish Dokdo.” Students who received such messages passed them on to their friends, so they spread like wildfire. Read More

This happened in South Korea, and is another example of what people who want animal agriculture eliminated will do to achieve their goal. They will basically stop at nothing. This is why it is vitally important that our industry educate youth about livestock production, because they are being targeted by those who want to put us out of business.

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