Friday, February 20, 2009

The List Grows

List of States Introducing Slaughter Legislation Grows
by: Pat Raia February 19 2009, Article # 13639

Twelve state legislatures are now considering measures to express their support of or actively encourage the reestablishment of U.S. horse processing plants.

Resolutions indicating opposition to HR 503, the federal Conyers-Burton Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, which would eliminate horse slaughter nationwide and prohibit the export of horses to slaughter are either under consideration or have already passed in:

Arizona (SCM 1001)
Kansas (HCR 5004)
Minnesota (SF 133)
North Dakota (HB 1496)
South Dakota (SCR 2)
Utah (HJR 7)
Wyoming (HJR 8)

Bills amending state laws to promote private investor plant development are pending in:

Arkansas (HCR 1004)
Illinois (HB 0583)
Missouri (House, HCR 19 House; Senate, SCR 8)
Montana (HB 418)
Tennessee (HB 1361)

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This has been receiving a lot of attention in the states. Some are looking at opening processing facilities and some are petitioning Congress to vote against HR 503. Either way, it’s clear that this is a problem that is being taken seriously.

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