Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Animal Rights Terrorist Jailed

Animal rights fanatic behind terror campaign on Oxford research lab jailed for 10 years
By Neil Sears
Last updated at 2:54 AM on 14th February 2009

A notorious animal rights fanatic behind a firebomb campaign against a research laboratory at Oxford University has been jailed for ten years.

Mel Broughton, 48, was described as an 'ardent and determined' activist.

He planned and possibly carried out arson attacks using homemade petrol bombs on college buildings at the university.

In 2006, two improvised devices, constructed with fuel and a fuse made from sparklers, exploded on Queen's College grounds, causing almost £14,000 damage.

Months later, two similar bombs - designed to stop the building of the new animal lab - failed to explode when they were planted under Templeton College as part of the same 'ruthless conspiracy'.

Shaven-headed Broughton, of Northampton, was yesterday found guilty by a jury of one count of conspiracy to commit arson, following a retrial at Oxford Crown Court. Read More

This is just the latest of several violent animal rights activists that have been jailed in the United Kingdom. In an attempt to stop the building of a research facility, Broughton found himself 10 years in jail. The out-of-control emotions of some of these activists are laughable at best and scary at worst. Intimidation is tried by these people at all levels, including against me when I post on this blog. However, it never does their side any good. In the end, it costs them more than it pays.

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