Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Global Problems With ALF

Dutch minister to deal with animal rights activists

THE NETHERLANDS – An investigation by the public broadcasting organisation NOS reveals that a significant proportion of the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands is permanently under threat from animal rights activists.

The investigation also shows financial companies who have business dealings with the industry are also targeted.

Over the last five years, Dierenbevrijdingsfront or the Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for over 40 serious threats against the staff of pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands. The incidents include arson and damage to cars and homes. Read More

The Animal Liberation Front is a world wide terrorist shadow group. Figuring out how to afford more protection to their victims is a challenge for most governments. One thing is clear though, this group is capable of just about anything. They have blown up building, beaten people nearly to death and send threatening messages to not only the employees of their target company, but also the employees’ family.

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