Sunday, February 1, 2009

Humanizing Horses

Tempers flare in New York horse war

NEW YORK (AFP) — Foes of Central Park's horse-drawn carriages galloped into action Friday with a divisive new drive to have the popular tourist attraction banned.

Hundreds of people crammed into City Hall to join a public debate on a bill seeking to outlaw the horse and buggies on the grounds of cruelty.

No vote was set on the proposed law, which experts on New York politics predict will fail since Mayor Michael Bloomberg is opposed.

But that did not stop New Yorkers whipping themselves into an angry frenzy over one of the city's favorite obsessions.

Animal rights activists and a smattering of theater types engaged in a shouting match outside City Hall with carriage drivers, beefy transport union workers and even a Franciscan monk.

"End the suffering of the poor, worn-down animals," called out Michael McGraw of the PETA animal rights activists, as supporters waved placards showing morose horses and slogans like: "Set Me Free!" Read More

It’s no coincidence that we are seeing more protests against using horses to pull carriages. The animal rights groups know that horses are the easiest species of livestock to humanize and they are taking full advantage of that. This is foot in the door to eliminating animal agriculture in this country.

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