Friday, February 13, 2009

FB's Consumer Website

New Farm Bureau Educational Web Site Introduced
A new educational web site is being offered to consumers by the American Farm Bureau Federation. This site, is aimed at educating the non-farming public about agriculture issues, farmers and ranchers and the food, fiber and fuel they grow.

AFBF Director of Public Relations Don Lipton says, "We hope this new website will help us engage in conversation with consumers about modern agricultural production.

"The Your Agriculture site includes a “Meet the Farmer” section; a consumer’s guide to farm policy and ag issues; farm facts…and a chance to test their farm IQ and determine if they are smarter that a 5th grade farm kid.

The Your Agriculture website can be found at Article Link

This is a great new website that gives consumers the opportunity to hear from real farmers and ranchers. You can also take a virtual tour of modern hog production facility. Putting a face on American agriculture is important since most consumers are several generations removed from food production.

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