Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

Horror stories don’t reflect America’s great farmers

I grew up in the Kansas City area, a typical “city kid” until I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia and fell head over heels for a farm boy from Saline County.

I have seen both sides of the agriculture debate.

I know what it is like to rely on media reports, not really knowing the true story of U.S. agriculture. But after 20-plus years of operating a farm with my husband, I now know the “rest of the story.”

That is why I was very upset by Karen Dillon’s recent article (10/30, “Factory farms under fire; Warehouse-style conditions and confinement inspire a wave of challenges”) about the Scott Phillips farm near Drexel. Read More

Marcia Gorrell happened to be reading an article I posted on my blog recently about a hog farm in Missouri and the industry in general. The article was very one-sided and failed to tell the true story of hog production. Marcia contacted the newspaper to let them know her disappointment and they invited her to write her own piece, which she did. Congratulations Marcia for standing up for agriculture and educating the consumer about how we sustain life.

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