Thursday, November 13, 2008

Documenting Our Story

US Documentary Challenges Welfare Perceptions

MANHATTAN, US - On the heels of last week's Proposition 2 vote in California to end the practice of confining certain animals raised for food comes a Kansas-produced television documentary that showcases the care, empathy and human compassion involved in raising farm animals.

Kansas Farm Bureau's latest in a series of award-winning television documentaries, "The Care & Feeding of Farm Animals," features men, women and families of Kansas who raise farm animals for food. The film delves into the heritage of livestock production in Kansas and examines the economic impact associated with a growing negative perception related to the welfare of farm animals.

"As people shift away from the farm, geographically and culturally, there's a void - and perceptions are filling it," said Mike Matson, Manhattan, who wrote, produced and directed the documentary. "The ways consumers think about and react to their food and the animals it comes from impact everything associated with it, starting with the farmer who raises the animal."

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One of the reasons that producers are reluctant to brag about what a good job they do raising livestock is because of the modest nature most of us have. It’s how we were raised and how we live. But this is something that us as producers have to learn to do, brag about what you do and how you do it. The next time you don’t feel like telling the story of agriculture just think about who else is telling your story for you.

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