Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dealing with the EPA

Is the EPA in tight with Obama administration?
By David Kruse
POSTED: November 17, 2008

One guy that will see some job security during the economic recession as a result of the Obama election is Feedstuffs Magazine columnist, Trent Loos. He's a strong advocate for animal agriculture, who loves to torture the Humane Society and their liberal sect.

I suspect the change being planned by the Obama administration is going to include an EPA that doesn't think agriculture deserves special treatment. There is even talk of the appointment of Robert Kennedy Jr., as EPA administrator. Even if it's not Kennedy, as that would be overreaching, it is likely to be an RK Jr.-type. It's not as if environmental rules in agriculture had not been tightening up under George W. They have a lot.

State environmental laws have grown and toughened as well. The worry of livestock producers is that they had a seat at the table when environmental policy was debated and decided by the Bush administration. Policy was science based, real science, not the fruit loop pseudo science promoted by the Wachos.

The Obama campaign promised the science based policy evolution would continue but most livestock groups will believe that only after they prove it. The question that I would ask livestock producers is...are you ready? Read More

Regardless of who you voted for in the recent presidential election, our industry needs to start preparing for the renewed effort to regulate livestock production even further. If you have new representation headed for Washington, DC that you haven’t met, now is the time to start developing those relationships. There aren’t any mind-reading elected officials, so if you want them to know your thoughts on an issue, you need to contact them.

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