Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Time to Work Together

Ag needs to tune in, turn on and get involved to survive

Millions of voters cast their lot with the Humane Society of the United States last week, helping California's Proposition 2 win, and win big. Conventional egg production will now effectively be banned in California in 2015.

Well before that happens, many of those millions who voted "yes" will pick up a dozen eggs from the market; most of those eggs will be raised conventionally. Few will recognize their own hypocrisy.

Agriculture lost on Election Day because more voters heard about Prop. 2 from the HSUS or its allies than they did from farmers or ranchers. They defined us, not the other way around. And in politics, if your opponent defines who you are and what you stand for before you can do it yourself, you will almost always lose. Read More

We have seen how ineffective we are as an industry when there are some that don’t want to work together towards what should be a common goal of protecting our ability to choose what management systems we utilize. Now is the time for all commodity groups to put any past differences behind them and work together. And it’s not just livestock groups, it’s all agricultural commodity groups that must come together with a single message that tells our story and resonates with consumers.


Anonymous said...

Yes,yes,yes!!! Troy I am here with you and will help! My background? Horse racing. I have researched the animal rights movement for the last year- prior to the unfortunate breakdown of the much loved filly Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby. I have watched as my own industry, with all of it's wealth and priviledge, has shown little finesse or understanding of the giant monstrosity bearing down upon the them. Massachusetts lost dog racing on November 4th- whether you supported it or not more than a few of us should have stood with them and fought to protect their livelihood and sport. FACT- WE, THE PEOPLE OF AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK OWNERSHIP- WE, THOSE WHO WISH TO CONTINUE TO DINE ON MEAT- WE, THOSE WHO DON'T WANT TO LOSE THE RIGHT TO HUNT OR FISH- WE, THOSE WHO WANT TO CURE DISEASES AND SAVE HUMANITY THROUGH LAB USE OF ANIMALS, WE OUTNUMBER THE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS BY A LANDSLIDE!!! All we have to do is UNITE, EXPOSE their cult for what it is, and TAKE THEM DOWN NOW! Please look for my email tonight or tomorrow- I will not be silent and watch our REALITY of livestock and animal use be rewritten by those who see humanity as only a roadblock to Total Animal Liberation. To those who are reading this blog and doing nothing- shame on you!!! Educate yourselves about PETA Misinformation, DEATH, FundRaising, Publicity and Control! And then OPEN YOUR MOUTH and tell everyone you can. Too many only know these groups as loonies- they are, but also incredibly well financed, lawyered, organized and passionate BEYOND REASON.

Troy Hadrick said...

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.