Friday, November 14, 2008

Insurance Premiums and Diets

Animals Rights Group Approaches Blue Cross Blue Shield

VERMONT -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont to raise health insurance premiums for people who eat meat, and lower the premiums for vegetarians.

In a letter sent Monday to Bill Milnes Jr., president of Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Vermont, PETA's Executive Director Tracy Reiman urged Blue Cross to raise rates on meat eaters because -- she claims -- heart disease, diabetes and other leading killer diseases have been conclusively linked to the consumption of meat and other animal products.

"Given the latest news about the effects of E. coli on meat-eaters -- and the mountain of evidence linking meat consumption to some of our nation's deadliest diseases -- this change will benefit Blue Cross Blue Shield's bottom line while also helping to ensure that your policyholders don't flat line," Reiman wrote. Read More

PETA continues to ignore proper nutritional guidelines, sound science and common sense to further its vegetarian/vegan agenda. Whenever we see things like this, it should remind us how important it is for our livestock commodity groups and producers to continue emphasizing the nutritional value of meat and dairy products and it’s role in a balanced healthy diet.

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