Monday, November 3, 2008

Prop 2 Funding

Late campaign money
Hank Shaw Capital Press

In the money chase surrounding Proposition 2, the "yes" side is swamping the farming and ranching community as Election Day nears.

Bankrolled by the Humane Society of the United States, Prop. 2 would essentially ban conventional egg production in California. The HSUS is largely funding the effort, backed by Hollywood stars and old-money philanthropists.

The "yes" campaign had spent nearly $8 million as of Oct. 18, according to state records - more than a half-million dollars more than the "no" side.

The egg industry is the chief funder of the "no" campaign, although pork producers have also chipped in, as have state Farm Bureaus as well as some beef and dairy companies.

In the final two weeks of campaigning, the "yes" side has racked up a slew of high-dollar contributions, including $500,000 from Audrey Burnand of Newport Beach. Burnand is involved with Farm Sanctuary, which is also a major funder of the campaign.

The "yes" side has also received at least $216,000 from people affiliated with the Internet company Google, including $100,000 from Anne Wojcicki, who runs the biotech firm 23 and Me and is married to Google billionaire Sergey Brin. Brin's co-founder at Google, Larry Page, chipped in another $33,000, as did his wife Lucinda Southworth. Wendy Schmidt, the wife of another Google billionaire, added $50,000 more. Read More

The amount of money being spent on Prop 2 in California should show you how much is at stake with this vote. If HSUS wins, we will soon be fighting this same type of legislation in Washington DC. With the vote taking place tomorrow, I would urge anyone with family or friends in California to let them know how this vote will not just affect California’s producers and consumers, but potentially affect everyone in this country.

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