Thursday, August 28, 2008

Youth Excited About Ag

Youths see bright future in farming; old hands recall some dimmer days


Boone, Ia. — The Farm Progress Show that began Tuesday east of Boone united the occasionally unnerving present and future of agriculture with its somber past.

On the grounds of the show Tuesday walked three Jasper County teenagers, Joey Lammey, 15; Brian Clymer, 16; and Joseph Brook, 15, who took a day off from Newton High School to look over the agricultural exposition.

All are part of farm families and intend to become farmers, and all are invigorated by the record prices for corn and soybeans and the new market outlets presented by biofuels.

"This is a great time for agriculture," Lammey said. "Corn and soybean prices have never been higher. I definitely want to become a farmer." Read More

Young people are undoubtedly excited about the being the next generation to raise this country’s food. However, that ability is under fire by activists that are trying to eliminate production agriculture from this country. This is a national security issue. We have seen what happens when we depend on foreign countries for the necessities in life, yet some people seem determined to export agriculture so we can import food.

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