Thursday, August 21, 2008

Violent Activists Wanted by International Authorities

Japan seeks to arrest anti-whaling activists
By SHINO YUASA – 2 days ago

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese police are pursuing arrest warrants against three activists from the U.S.-based animal rights group Sea Shepherd for allegedly attacking Japanese whaling ships last year, an official said Monday.

Kyodo News agency quoted unnamed Tokyo Metropolitan Police investigators as saying authorities had applied to a Japanese court for warrants for the three, and that police planned to put them on an international wanted list.

It was unclear when the warrants would be issued.

Public broadcaster NHK said police sought to arrest two Americans, ages 41 and 30, and one Briton, 28.

Japanese police had identified the three men via video footage of them throwing flaming projectiles that damaged a Japanese whaling ship in February 2007, NHK said. The report did not name the suspects. Read More

Paul Watson is the leader and founder of Sea Shepherd. He was also a founding member of Greenpeace until he became too violent and was kicked out of that organization. He then served as a Sierra Club Board member from 2003-2006. His pirate organization is dedicated to terrorizing fisherman at sea. They carry guns and knives and threaten to ram fishing vessels that don’t give in to their demands. He has been quoted as saying that “There is nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win. Then you write the history.”

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