Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Farm Attacked

Over 600 Mink Let Loose From South Jordan Farm

Police are investigating a break in at a South Jordan, UT mink farm where hundreds of mink were set loose. Investigators are now trying to determine if this is the work of an extremist animal rights group.

At around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, someone broke into the McMullin Mink Farm in South Jordan and tried to put a stop to their mink business.

"Broke into the shed behind me and released about 600 to 650 mink," said Lindsey McMullin.

South Jordan police are investigating the break-in and the FBI has been notified. Police say it is possible the release was done by members of the extremist animal rights group, but as of now, no specific group has taken credit for it.

"Some of the finest minks in the world are raised right here," McMullin said. Read More

Mink farms have long been a target for extreme animal rights groups throughout the United States. These groups have said that they would rather the animals die in the wild than be taken care of by mink farmers. Unfortunately, security issues at farms and ranches are starting to have to be a consideration for producers. As witnessed by the fire bombings in California, these groups have little respect for human life and it is becoming more obvious what activities they are willing to carry out.

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