Monday, August 11, 2008

Animal Rights Extremism World Wide Problem

Animal rights groups engage in intimidation to achieve 'meatless, petless' society, seminar told

CIRCUSES, BUTCHERS, furriers and restaurateurs are being intimidated and bullied by militant animal rights activists, a seminar on the growth of the animal rights movement was told yesterday.

The seminar, Consumer Intimidation, the Vegan/Animal Rights Agenda, was organised by Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association of Ireland, in response to what he says are increasingly intimidatory protests by animal rights activists.

Laura Broxson of the National Animal Rights Association said the seminar was "disgusting".

"We think these people are horrible. Everything we do is a legitimate protest and if they think we are being intimidating, well then that's a mark of our success." Read More

The issue of trying to eliminate animal agriculture and turn everyone into a vegetarian isn’t limited to just the United States. And as we saw last week in California with the attempted murder of an medical researcher and his family, these groups are willing to stop at nothing. What is encouraging is that more people are starting to see the importance of standing up to these groups to tell their story and not let someone else do it for them. We must all stand together to expose these groups for their real agenda and defend our ability to practice animal husbandry.

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