Monday, August 18, 2008

The Extreme Animal Rights Religion

David Martksko: Animal-rights firebombing should be condemned

Article Launched: 08/17/2008 08:59:25 AM PDT

The recent attack on a UC Santa Cruz molecular biologist has brought nationwide attention back to the debate over the use of animals in medical and scientific research.

To make the point that animals' lives are more important than scientific knowledge -- the kind of knowledge that will lead to cures for cancer, Parkinson's disease and epilepsy -- animal rights extremists attempted to burn a scientist to death. His family, including two young children, had to escape their smoke-filled home through a second-story window. Less than a mile away, a fellow researcher's car was also firebombed.

For anyone who has followed the animal rights movement closely, none of this premeditated, homicidal behavior is the slightest bit surprising.

The animal rights philosophy is by its nature an extreme religion. Its disciples believe deep down that animals are "people." Their call to faith is that their movement is heir to the struggles of civil rights and women's suffrage. They fervently believe the rights of "non-human animals" are equal to the rights of humans. Without exception. Read More

If we can find a silver lining to this terrorist attack, it is that it has outraged any sane person in this country. This type of activity cannot and will not be tolerated. It has cast a shadow over the animal rights agenda. Groups like HSUS have tried to stay above the fray by contributing $2500 to the reward money, but that same week they increased their reward to $5000 for turning in people involved with animal fighting. Apparently, human life is worth half that of a dog or chicken at HSUS.

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Tracy H. said...

Interesting how David Martosko, who is on the other side of the country, knows who committed the firebombing in California.