Friday, August 1, 2008

Korean Consumers Lied To

Court Orders MBC to Air Correction on US Beef Risk

A Seoul court Thursday found an influential MBC program on U.S. beef health risks "wrong" and ordered the major broadcaster to air a correction.

"PD Notebook should broadcast a correction about its wrong piece on mad cow disease," Judge Kim Sung-gon of the Seoul Southern District Court was quoted as saying in his verdict.

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries filed a suit against the popular MBC current affairs program, PD Notebook, arguing its April report intentionally distorted facts related to U.S. beef to exaggerate the risk of mad cow disease.

After the report aired, tens of thousands took to the streets against an agreement Seoul, Washington had signed earlier in April to unconditionally resume U.S. beef imports. Link

There was so much mis-information being intentionally distributed in Korea about the beef that would be imported from the US that it caused rioting in the streets and nearly took down a government. Since then the rioting has stopped and the truth is finally being heard. Hopefully this correction will help restore some of the credibility that was wrongly taken from the US beef industry.

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