Friday, April 9, 2010

TN Legislature Advances Horse Harvesting Bill

Tenn. bill would allow horse slaughter
Published: April 8, 2010 at 3:58 PM

NASHVILLE, April 8 (UPI) -- A bill allowing horse slaughtering in Tennessee has advanced in the state legislature in spite of lobbying by singer Willie Nelson and his family.

A subcommittee in the state House of Representatives approved the bill 7-6 Wednesday, The Nashville Tennessean reported. Amy Nelson, Willie's daughter, and his granddaughter, Raelyn Nelson, appeared at the hearing, where Raelyn read an op-ed piece her grandfather wrote for the Tennessean.

Rep. Frank Niceley, the Republican sponsor of the measure, argues allowing slaughterhouses and horsemeat processing plants in the state is better for the animals.

He said hard-pressed horse owners may simply let unwanted animals loose to starve.

Nelson, who is pushing for a nationwide ban on horse slaughtering, says his position is the compassionate one: "Showing compassion? Trying to end equine abuse? Yes, that is the right thing to do." Article Link

Just like the state of Missouri, Tennessee is working towards a common sense solution to the high number of unwanted horses. Rather than shipping them to Mexico where they are subjected to horrible handling conditions we need to handle the harvesting here in the US. It can be done safely and humanely and that’s the truly compassionate thing to do.


Mz.Many Names said...

Comon Troy, you knwo you guys want to get into the horsemeat business cause you cant sell your mad-TB-Infected Cows! Americans DO NOT believe the "un-wanted" horse hype any more. It has been argued (and dispelled) to DEATH. Did you know there are 9.2 million horses in the US and only 1% of them go to slaughter? How can you "glut" a market with "so many unwanted horses" when they only make up 1% of all? Like I said before, you need 2 go back 2 school and learn some basic math yourself!

Mz.Many Names said...

New Bovine TB Outbreak;

Anonymous said...

How many years of slaughter do we need before the population is under control? Carlotta doesn’t want any regulations but slaughter isn’t reducing the excess horses being produced. Don’t regulate breeding but hold the breeder accountable. If they choose to bring more horses into the population then they need to care for them. If they can’t sell them or donate them, then they need to humanely euthanize them. Slaughter is still available so all this bs about horses starving and being neglected has absolutely nothing to do with the availability of slaughter. Building more plants won’t fix it. The plants in Canada are all under capacity. There is nothing stopping anyone from sending their horse to slaughter. Why don’t these states ever mention the drug issue and that fact our horses are not safe to consume. So what horses are they going to slaughter?

Mz.Many Names said...

And what does a 5th Generation Welfare Rancher in Wyoming or Montana care about a Tennesee Law? How do YOU like it? Now you know how we (horse-lovers against horse slaughter) feel when the ranchers (as like in Nevada) argue what do we "Easterners" (or foreigner) care about Nevadas Wild Horses. Ha! As if we didnt have VESTED interest in them by the mere fact that they are public property for ALL Americans Nay ALL people of the world to enjoy....BUT NO,...the wild horses got to go (and most likely to slaughter too) because THE RANCHERS, other "meat-interests" and their POLITICIAN FRIENDS want it that way. It has ALWAYS been this way with our govt and the ranching / meat industry. They been "sleeping together" for over a hundred years, and what they want they generally get cause they have to $$$ to PERSUADE the politicians to do their bidding for them in the Halls of Congress. TO HELL with what the rest of the Nation and the World Want.

Anonymous said...

I happen to live in TN, and have seen first hand accounts of starving horses turned loose in parks and along the road side. City folks move out here and want street lights... and think because they bought a 5 acre lot of rock and clay they should put 8 or 10 horses on it, having no clue as to the amount of graze and the recovery time for the pasture, not to mention the feed costs. These folks seem to have plenty of money for nice cars, nice house, and lots of toys but don't seem to care about the welfare of their horses. I agree, it makes much more sense to slaughter the animal locally instead if letting it suffer or transport it across the country to a facility in Mexico well known for it's poor handling practices.

B. Not So Many Names