Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharing Your Earth Day Message

Area ranchers to share Earth Day message at schools
April 17, 2010 6:20 PM

In celebration of this year's Earth Day observance, Yuma-area farmers will be going to school.
They're be bringing the message, Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm and Ranch, to elementary schools throughout the community.

Among their props will be a new kind of packing peanut made out of corn and wheat starch that takes a matter of seconds to dissolve instead of the 1,000 years its counterpart made from petroleum oil lasts in the landfill.

The farmers also will read the book, "Amazing Grazing," by Chris Peterson. The book tells of three Montana ranchers who are committed to being good stewards of the land and water.

These ranchers have won a number of awards for their innovative approaches to raising cattle and managing the western ranges and providing a healthy environment for wildlife.

They've done this by rotational grazing, using water tanks to detour cattle from rivers, restoring steams and growing grass that holds down the soil and protects river banks. Link

With Earth Day happening tomorrow, many of agriculture’s critics will shouting their anti-ag messages. In the forty years since Earth Day started, ag producers have continued to improve their efficiency and output in order to be more sustainable. In fact, it was happening long before the buzzword “sustainable” was being used everywhere. Abandoning the last century’s worth of innovation certainly won’t preserve our resources for future generations. So, what will you be doing tomorrow to tell the truth about modern food production?

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