Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running On Cow Power

Cattle-based fuel runs Okla.-Texas passenger train
By KELLY P. KISSEL (AP) – 21 hours ago

ABOARD THE HEARTLAND FLYER — Amtrak began an experiment Tuesday to let cows produce horsepower.

Officials from the railroad and the Oklahoma and Texas transportation departments launched a yearlong test to see whether beef-based biodiesel can efficiently run the Heartland Flyer passenger train between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas, and also reduce emissions.

"We can join energy (and) agriculture and protect the environment," Oklahoma Agriculture Secretary Terry Peach said.

Tallow from Texas cattle — fat often used in soap or animal feed — is supplying 20 percent of the fuel for the 3,200-horsepower engine, the rest is standard diesel. Previous engine tests showed that those running the B20 mixture produced less carbon monoxide and fewer particulates and sulfates. Read More

So many times, consumers forget about all of the products we are able to make from livestock. Beyond the food we produce, there are many co-products that most people never think of or even realize they depend on. We continue to find even more uses for livestock products, including energy. Feeding and fueling this country, another reason to support America’s farmers and ranchers.

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